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The Personality Behind the Taste

Green Apple Catering is owned and operated by local Sarasota party host turned caterer, Valerie King. As a mom to four daughters her household always had a celebratory event on their schedule; whether it was a birthday party, barbecue, or dinner event, they were headed somewhere with their scrumptious stuffed mushrooms and party chicken.

In 2005, Valerie decided to turn her passion for delicious southern food into a catering business where she can spoil guests from all over southwest Florida. In 2011, she expanded her business into a small deli where she served old family recipes and comfort food. However, in 2017 Valerie made the tough decision to focus solely on her catering business, thus closing the deli.

Valerie is much like the food she prepares, a touch of sweet and salty. She loves to bake sweets and salty snacks, because she claims, "You can't have one without the other!" Over the years she has built a loyal foundation that is deeply rooted in strong southern values of respect, honesty, and humility. Therefore, it is not surprising that when you meet Valerie you will not only feel right at home but also get to enjoy a memorable meal from a most gracious host.

History Of Green Apple Catering

  1. 1960-something {we’ll never tell}

    Valerie was born into a close knit family that loves the process of growing, preparing, baking, and cooking homemade food. As a child, the first thing she learned from her mom was how to roll out a pie crust. Once she mastered the art of getting the dough just right, then she was taught how to bake cakes.

  2. 1965ish

    If Valerie wasn’t in the kitchen baking with her Mom or Grandma, then you could find her out mullet fishing with her Dad. She had to hang onto her Dad’s belt to string the mullet until she was big enough to throw a cast net.

  3. 1968ish

    She loved fishing for mullet, because after they caught a boat load they went home to scale their catch. Once the fish was prepared, her Dad smoked them very slowly in an old icebox. {Okay, so for those of you who don't know what an icebox is, it’s a refrigerator.} Her Dad took an old icebox that was sitting around and removed the motor out from the bottom, which is where the wood would go. He then cut a hole so the heat and smoke could come through, because back then the racks in an icebox were metal, so they were perfect to lay the fish on. Her Dad would season the mullet with plenty of salt and pepper, and when they were almost done he would mop them with butter. That was their first smoker.

  4. 1973ish

    When she was a young teenager it was finally time to learn the skill of making chicken and dumplings. As a southerner you know how important this task is.

  5. 1975

    However, one of her favorite cooking lessons was going to her Grandparents fish camp on Lake Istokpoga where she helped her Grandpa pick buckets, and she means buckets, of fresh, pink guavas. After the harvesting was completed she would line up with her siblings with their spoons in hand. Her Grandma and Grandpa peeled the guavas and cut them in half. Valerie and the kids would scrape out all the seeds into a washtub and put the peelings and hulls in another tub. Once the meat of the fruit was prepared, then it was time to make jelly and guava cobbler.

  6. 1980s

    Valerie got married and had four daughters. She was a busy mom, juggling many tasks, however she always made time to spoil her family, friends, and neighbors with good eats during any celebratory event like a birthday party, summer barbecue, or Christmas dinner.

  7. 2005

    Green Apple Catering opened its doors with the intention to cater homemade foods made from scratch served with old fashioned southern hospitality

  8. 2010

    Valerie has four siblings and three of them cook for a living. Her sister cooks something new everyday, just because she loves it and loves to share her recipes. One of her brothers owns a dairy where they make cheese, kefir, and sour cream, and another brother has a barbeque business in town. Therefore, the tradition of cooking goes on and on in their family.

  9. Today

    December 10th, 2014

    As for her Mom and Dad’s house, there is still always a dessert on the counter or something in the oven, just in case a few or 20 people stop by for a snack or dinner, which is very often the case. So it's pretty safe to say Valerie comes from a long line of southern cooks and hospitality. She still sets the table, eats together as a family, and they dip their plates until every last bit is gone, because the food is just that good.

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